Talks, Presentations and Workshops

All my talks, presentations and workshops have been delivered in various settings over recent years. A non exhaustive list of the Presentations, Talks and Workshops can be found HERE

Several have been adjusted and amended to different groups (not all genealogical) and all of them have been delivered in a variety of ways:

  1. As a structured presentation with a Q & A section
  2. Delivered in a workshop structure, both on and off line.
  • All presentations and workshops are reviewed and updated before the scheduled date of presentation.
  • All presentations and workshops are accompanied by a Power Point presentation & digital “handouts” available.
  • I provide a ‘Speakers Contract’ to all bookings if one is not provided.

Presentation Requirements

I use a laptop for all my presentations and often illustrate my talks with material from the internet I therefore need the following to be available in the meeting room

  • Digital Projector and screen
  • Reasonable high speed internet access (unless otherwise arranged)

If you have any questions or would like a presentation delivered please complete the form below.