Modern Newspaper Indexes

newspapersBackground & Dedication

I have always kept bits extracted from newspapers and magazines. I have a whole  filing cabinet full of them!

Gradually I started retaining the Family Announcement pages and suddenly an index was formed.

The Modern Newspaper Index was collated by Julie Goucher contains well in excess of 100,000 entries. The Index is continued to grow until February 2014 when my Mum who had spent hours and hours typing passed away. My Mum was instrumental in the index being created with the bulk of the work being hers. She deserved special thanks for spending many hours typing this collection. Her generosity and assistance was greatly appreciated and the index is dedicated to her.

In September 2016 I offered the index to the Guild of One-Name Studies in Mum’s memory. The index went online at the Guild’s website at the end of October 2017 and is available to the public as well as members. It can be viewed HERE. A full list of the newspapers in the index can be found at the website.

Originally stored in a set of volumes, I merged those early volumes into one index. The index is called Modern because it contains items that relate to the period from 1950 to date. Don’t let that fool you; there are several instances where the data refers to an event that happened a decade or so earlier.

What events are Indexed?

In Memoriam
Remembrances (Mothers & Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays
Thanks & Acknowledgements
Memorial Services & Memorials
Roll of Honour
Article Obituaries
Burial & Cremation Information
Legal Notices and Wills

In Memorials

In some ways these are most useful. The index commenced in 1999, but in the case of In Memorials,there are references to deaths that occurred many, many years before.

Article Obituaries

These are what I call articles that have been written about those who are deceased. They can be Informative and provide information & further clues for research.

What’s Provided from the Index?

The material is indexed in a spreadsheet and contains the following:

Forenames and some include names by which the deceased was known
Nee or Former Surnames
Date of Newspaper
Name of the Newspaper
Where interned

I have crossed referenced all Surnames and Nee & Former Names.

What areas are covered?

The Index, covers numerous Counties throughout the UK and also includes some UK National Papers. There is also some material from newspapers published outside of the UK.

Material was submitted by a variety of people – thank you so much!

This page updated 27 October 2017